Sunday, January 23, 2011

Vik's Chaat @ Berkeley - Restaurant Review

Made a trip to UC Berkeley today to attend Science and Engineering fest which was a family event, to me going to Berkeley meant having to eat chaat at Vik's, Vik's has been a bayarea landmark since decades, before mushrooming of indian restaurant's in bayarea only choice to have authentic India street fare was at Vik's, and believe me we regularly used to make this trip 50 miles up north just for food.
Todays trip was after about a year, so was surprised that its moved from it's original location to few blocks down.

Vik's is an iconic example of Berkeley living, you get to see people from all walks of life and ethnicity and ordering food with exact pronunciation and complete understand without confused look especially non-indian, that pretty much tells about their frequency.

Complete new decor with warm and inviting colors, not to mention its about twice the size of its original.
Menu still stayed the same with addition of more counters and south Indian items.
One look at the crowd at cash register and that pretty much gives  you a review of restaurant, though the line was out  the door today, they opened additional counters and made the ordering process much much quicker.

Home made fresh sweets, you just can't stop at one :)

Vik's classic Chole and Batura with classic sides of mixed vegetable pickle, green chutney and onions, yum !!

Paneer Kathi, stuffed roti with paneer and green chutney was light and not stuffy as it sounded. Dosa though was OK something was a miss with samabar, not sure what.

Pav Bhaji again lived up to what it looks like, mouth watering, Vik's doles out large quantities and we had enough leftover for dinner.

Overall my rating would be 3 star for food,service and decor. If Berkeley falls on your way make sure to stop for an authentic desi fare.

Vik's Chaat Cafe , 2390 4th St • BERKELEY, CA 94710

(510) 644-4432 (p)

For more reviews on Vik's check out Yelp


Kamini said...

Oh yum, I went to Viks mingogeoabout 15 years ago, when it was still a hole in the wall place, but so so delicious! Brings back yummy memories, this post!

Usha said...

I went there last time I was in bay area.. The first day we missed the closing time by 10 minutes and went back again the next day.. Food was good. I may have visited this place 10 - 15 years ago.. can't remember.. I did go to a chaat place back then & the food was very good..

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