Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Tomato ,Ginger & Pepper Rasam

Tomato, Ginger & Pepper Rasam

Just got back normal from a bad week of cold and flu, all those medications sure make you loose your taste buds, it takes few days to get back to routine. My mom mentioned quite a few times that I make pepper and ginger rasam, which would help heal cold so here it is recipe for today.

2-3 ripe tomatoes
about an inch of ginger
tbsp of tamarind paste
1/2 tbsp pepper (adjust according to taste, intent is to have a spicy rasam)
salt according to taste
1/2 tbsp of sugar or jaggery

for seasoning
1 tspn mustard seeds
1 tspn jeera/cumin seeds
1 tspn urad dal
pinch of hing
tbsp of oil/ghee
few curry leaves
3-4 red chilies

1. Boil water and allow whole tomatoes to be cooked for about 30 to 45 seconds
2. Remove from heat and add to iced water.
3. deskin tomatoes and keep aside
4. Blend peeled tomatoes and ginger together using either a hand blender or grinder.
5. Heat a pan add the tomato ginger mixture, add about a glass of water to thin the mixture.
6. Add tamarind paste,pepper,salt ,tumeric and sugar and allow to boil for 3-4 minutes, till raw taste of tamarind is gone.
7. In a separate pan add oil/ghee and when hot add all the ingredients for seasoning and saute till mustard seeds start to pop.
8. Add the above seasoning to boiling tomato mixture.
9. Add generous dose of coriander and serve hot.

Makes an excellent companion with rice, specially during colds when everything seems taste less.

On an other note if you are a regular you must have observed that I changed my layout, looking forward to your comments on my layout it indeed was quite an effort to redo, I am very excited about it hope you guys would like it too.


Siri said...

Ah! Rasam anytime. :-). Template design chala bagundi Sri. Very lively and the first thing I thought was - It is very much like your personality. Will message for more details about the designers. Even my blog needs a long-needed-makeover.


Chitra said...

I love to try variety of rasam. will try this too.

Rina said...

I generally add tomato and pepper in my regular madras style rasam..but never tried adding ginger ..thanx for introducing..will try to incorporate this time..

And congrats on the new layout..looks awesome!!! Will send an FB message in detail..

Mala said...

Hi, thanks for the recipe. Will definitely try it out, but where does the pepper come? The ingredients list shows pepper, but the explanation does not have pepper!! Anyways, keep the good work going and congrats for the new layout. It looks great!!

Sreelu said...

thanks for pointing out it was out of sight out of mind, add pepper while boiling tomato. sorry about this.corrected the post.

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