Sunday, March 13, 2011

Butter Sugar Flour - Bayarea Resources Kids Cakes

Butter Sugar Flour - Bay Area Resources - Kids Cakes

Cute little elephant

how cute is the monkey
(both pics taken by me)
Attended a 3rd birthday party celebrations of a dear friends son yesterday, what a beautiful evening it was , there is something very cute about boys or kids at age three their innocence , questions they ask or the twinkle in their eyes when they learn of something new truly an age to be celebrated.Birthday boy yesterday is a bundle of energy seriously haven't seen such energy and cuteness bundled into one, he had a blast and so did the guests. Now one of the highlights of the party was cupcakes , hostess choose to celebrate with cupcakes and was that a super hit with kids and adults alike or what. Cupcakes were so cute and adorable it indeed was hard to bite into those cute critters.  I unfortunately did not get a chance eat as I was in a no desserts phase my elder son however vouched that it's the best cupcake he has ever eaten.

I have this urge to share anything new and exciting I see or learn with my readers and this prompted me to start a series on my blog called bayarea resources, will use this space to update with things that excite me in the bayarea especially around kids be it party ideas, eateries, camps well anything I think that's worth sharing. If you have resources that you would like to share or recommend please send me an email to and I will post it in the series.

So cupcakes from yesterdays party were from the bakery
669 S Bernardo Ave.
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
All the pictures below are courtesy Butter Sugar Flour website

How about some cupcakes for your next fashionista party

Or to celebrate your little princess special day

or for the all nighter poker game.

PS:- I am not compensated in anyways for the above and its solely my personal review


donna :) said...

Hi Sridevi!
I hope you are well! I was chatting with Naveen on YIM this evening and asked about you and your food blog. He directed me to your new and revamped website. Very cute!
I also love the delish pastries from Butter Sugar Flour. We order cakes for our work parties and it is SUPER delish. These animal photos of the elephant and monkey are SO adorable! My nephew would absolutely LOVE the elephant.

Take care!

donna :)

Nags said...

i want to move to the bay area. and these definitely contribute to my reasons. is that crazy? :D

Divya Vikram said...

I landed here after seeing all your GNO FB statuses. Amazing space you have Sri!!

Sreelu said...

Nags, now are you sure its the cakes and not the "company" that draws you to bay area. Lotsa love girl uber fun meeting you.

Bharathy said...

lovely and cute!!..I am here after a long time and I love the light shades of the template! :)

Now Serving said...

You should consider sending this to my Crazy for Cakes Event -

Eddel29 said...

so nice!!

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