Sunday, March 6, 2011

Venezia - Travelogue Venice in pictures

Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.” ~Truman Capote

Last summer we had a fantastic  European vacation, visited Italy and Switzerland, it's was hands down the best trip we ever took, kids were at a perfect age where they are very independent . Today's post is a picture louge of our trip to Venice. Venice is how do I say magical, mysterious, beautiful and much much more. I really hope I do get to visit this fairy tale like city once again. I just can't do justice to Venice with my writing , check all the facts and history about Venice here.

First impression as they say is the best impression, moment we stepped out of the ferry and starting walking toward our hotel, which can be very tricky given the narrow streets and cobble stoned pathways it was just breath taking , perfect summer morning, clear skies and cool wind blowing, this will be a memory etched in my brain forever.

It's one thing to read all about Venice and one thing to experience it real time, never could imagine life built around canals and water ways takes your breath away.

Beautiful display of restaurant menu, it's was truly an experience to get a ferry cab and eat with water touching your feet well almost.

Every nook and corner of Venice you see canals and gondola's.

View of Grand canal  from Rialto Bridge which is a buzz with tourist activity a major hub of water taxi's and ferries.

Water taxi's are a way of life and are used to transport people and goods.
St Marks Square

The very famous Piazza San Marco square, it was hot and crowded and yet I would not trade for any other time to visit. June through August are the most busiest seasons , if you ask me I think it's the best time to experience nature's bounty.

Murano glass pendants Venice is a shopping paradise for venetian and murano glass.
few more trinkets and souvenirs
A cute little pig family

Well a trip to Venice is never complete until you purchase Venetian mask, incidentally this week marks the end of the famous Venice carnival.

Took a sunset ride on a gondola, pure magic.
It was amazing to get dropped at the restaurant via a gondola.

One thing that's was very clear at every restaurant we ate was the emphasis on the quality of ingredients , every meal was drool worthy and worth every penny, simple ingredients and out of the world taste. Thin crust pizza with olives was my favorite.
Tomatoes are fruit and Venice confirms the fact, sweet and juicy. Bruschetta had it every meal be it dinner or lunch.

Italy and desserts are synonymous, was surprised at how much pistachios were used in addition to chocolate. Feasted on desserts to hearts content,  the picture makes me want to go back and relive all those dessert moments.

Stayed at the beautiful Albergo Ca' Alvise, you can read my review on trip advisor here.

Hope you have enjoyed trip to Venice and I am so glad I got a chance to publish this post :)
Happy week every one !!


kitchen queen said...

Beautiful pictures infact u revived my nostalgic memories of 10 yrs back when we visited Venice and had a ball of a time in this dream paradise.

Siri said...

The word *Beautiful* will not do justice to this post Sri. Awesome photographs and you took me for a minute to Venice. It is on my list-to-go-before-you-die and I will come back to this post when I plan to go.


Sailaja said...

Beautiful and amazing. After looking at these pics feels like going to Venice right away ... thanks for sharing the pics.

Sreelu said...

KQ, so glad that my post made you relive your memories,

Siri, Venice should be in your bucket list, truly breath taking, you will love it.

Sailaja, you should plan this summer, you will have a blast I can guarantee you.

Nags said...

the pics are gorgeous!!

Sound Horn Please said...

Sounds lovely Sreelu! And the trinkets look lovelier :)

donna :) said...

Lovely photos Sridevi! Thanks for letting me live vicariously through your experience! I hope to visit Venice some day! :)

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