Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My American Girl Doll

Just got back from a fantafabulos vacation to east coast, had lovely time with friends and family, lots of sight seeing, shopping, eating and of course my favorite part taking pictures. I have more than 1500 pics that I need to sort out. This trip was so much more fun because I got to meet up with my childhood friends whom I have not seen in last decade. So it was fun, fun, fun.

Stayed in the heart of Times Square and boy it was party like, really wished I lived in the city. Few blocks down from the hotel we stayed was American Girl store, after coxing and pressuring and to the point threatening boys agreed to come in with me. So while they sat in the corner busy playing with their DS, I wandered around the store and had a kid in the candy store effect.
It was such a lovely experience, can only imagine how excited little girls would be. Such adorable and life like dolls stylish, smart and beautiful. Few pics from my visit.

Store had doll hospital, pet store for dolls with adorable pets, hair salon, it was way to cute.

Now who wouldn't want a tea party like this

Ah the perks of being a girl, if you are visiting New York , I would strongly suggest a visit American Girl store.


Suparna said...

hey S,
Glad you had a blast, those dolls are so cute and adorable. nice snaps.

Sumi said...

love the dolls..looks like you had a wonderful time

Kala said...

Wow, what a selection of beautiful dolls! Wish I had them when I was growing up:):) But, hey, I guess I can play with them even now:)

Srivalli said...

The dolls look so cute wonder you felt like that!..I can play with them even now if given a chance..:))

Sound Horn Please said...

Oh you came to NYC!! You should have called!

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