Monday, October 24, 2011

Diwali Inspiration VI

Well Diwali is almost here,this will be my final post on Diwali decoration/inspiration. I like to keep things simple and doable, found the below links and I think I know how my house is going to be decked this Diwali :)

Now for the lucky folks in India where fresh flowers are abundant sky sure is the limit. If ever I get to celebrate Diwali in India I would probably spend a fortune decking the halls with garlands below. Nothing beats the smell of fresh roses ,marigolds and Jasmines.


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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Diwali Inspiration -V - Food Glorious Food- Dessert Special

As promised this post will get all your taste buds tickled, all the recipes below are from food blogger I follow and admire, the passion, creativity and enthusiasm they encompass is amazing,  I am so glad to have met some of them in person and other virtually, wishing all my dear food bloggers an advance Diwali Greetings !!

Cannot even mention the number of recipes I have bookmarked to try from the bloggers below, what better time to share with my readers than now, hope you get to try some of my picks below for your Diwali party click on the title/link for the recipe

Mouth watering Mysore Pak with step by step instructions

comprehensive list of Diwali Sweets
Besan Laddo's can't get any sexier than this

Cassata Icecream Yummmmmm 

Kesar Pista Kulfi

Tomorrow's post is going to be all about Flowers, it will be a visual treat I promise, so check back ..

Diwali Inspirations day IV

Today's post gave me a chance to relive last year's Diwali all over again, posting pictures from my last year Diwali decorations.

Floating candle with flowers simple yet makes it very festive

I am very challenged when it comes to actual drawing, so found these moulds in local Indian store, for less than $10 the kit contained lovely moulds and beautiful colors, so it was easy peasy decorate the front of the house  added few flowers and it was done.

And what is a festival without sweet, made this instant Pala kova from Sailaja's blog, trust me Indian dessert cannot get any easier than this.

Tomorrow post will be about the delicious /exotic food that have bookmarked to try, can't wait to share ..

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Diwali Inspirations day II

Continuing the theme of Diwali inspiration , after yesterday post today's post has few ideas that I found are easy to make and will make a big statement, so here goes
DIY chandelier. Buy a metal frame and lace twinkle lights around it via

What a stunning center peice this would make, via

Halls decked with string lights, my favorite via

Tea lights and rose petals what a geourgeous table runner via

Simple tea lights decked up with fancy trim, what a beautiful sight via

 For your outdoors via

floating candle indoors/outdoors via

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Diwali Decoration Inspirations - Day I

Can't believe we will be celebrating Diwali next week, I still remember last years just like it was yesterday, this year flew by faster than ever. Weeks and months seem to go by in a blur feel that time is passing by at a much faster rate than I would want. Hosted a baby shower for my younger brother over the weekend it was such a fun evening , as I was calling it a night I tried to remember what it was like few years ago to be parents for the first time, how excited and anxious we were, there were moments when I would freeze with fear of raising a little baby and times when heart would swell with the little miracle in my hands, those moments were/are so precious , I wish my little brother and his beautiful wife the very best I am sure they would be one terrific parents and can't wait to hold my little nephew soon.

Diwali comes at the most beautiful season of the year, the weather, the spirit of the festival and decorations and everything around it add so much more fun and color . I truly love Diwali and look forward to it every year it sure does bring out the inner child in me .

Just like last years post, this year decided to share my creations as well share what my Diwali inspirations related to decor,gifts and obviously FOOD are for the next few days.

You can really set the festive mood in the house with simple decorations candles, tea lights, string lights, fresh flowers , rangoli's etc... today's inspiration comes from my love of candles .

I am sure all of us have those shiny duppata's which are hidden behind in the closet, used crushed golden dupatta like a runner added my beautiful candles and diya's ,few flowers petals and bangles and you have a table set for Diwali.

With all the light turned off,it looked so beautiful and I could feel the festival already.

If you have ideas or if you have published similar article and would want to share with my readers please leave me link and I would love to add to the post.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Roasted Sweet Potato Curry Soup

Roasted Sweet Potato Curry Soup

It is a chili evening here in the bay area and after a weekend full of gastronomic indulgence sunday evening called for a simple and warm dinner, this weekend has been a fun one, dance the night away to Dandia and Garba with good friends, attended few kids parties and spent a lovely and meaningful evening with some of my very close friends, only with each meeting to realize how truly similar we are in thinking and acting, I seriously consider them as a blessing in my life and these friends make my life so much more richer and fun. Sunday was family day, painted with kids for a while and we sat down for a quite early dinner. Picked up some really good sourdough bread from farmers market today morning and wanted to put it use so what better way then to dip it in the warm comforting roasted curried soup.

Roasted curried soup is very simple few ingredient and delicious the only time it takes is for the sweet potato to be roasted in the oven, once it's roasted rest all is a breeze.Addition of Garam masala add spiciness and flavor to the otherwise bland soup.

Makes about 4 cups

5 medium sized sweet potatoes
2 cups milk
1/4th tbsp of butter
tbsp of crushed garlic
tbsp of Garam masala
salt according to taste
pinch of freshly ground pepper
tbsp of Balsamic vinegar aa topping, I used Blood orange balsamic vinegar from

1. Pre heat oven to 350 degrees
2. Slit sweet potates length wise and spray with pam or olive oil.
3. Warp the potatoes in a foil and allow them to roast in the over for about 30 minutes.
4. Once roasted peel the skin off and keep aside
5. Heat butter in a soup pan, when butter melts add garlic and saute till garlic is roasted and then add Garam masala and give it a quick stir.
6. Now add roasted sweet potatoes and mash them using a end of your ladle or a potato masher.
7. Add two cups of milk and mix well, kids like the soup with creamy texture so I used hand blender and  blended it smooth .
8 Add salt and pepper according to taste and allow the soup to boil for about 2-3 minutes, remove from heat and serve hot with balsamic dressing on the top with side of good bread in my case sourdough.

It was a beautiful fall evening and with weather like tonight's I could have asked anything else to warm me  and as depressing as sunday evening sounds a simple dinner with kids is what gives the ammo for the week to come.
I had visited the Weolive store a while ago and picked up their blood orange flavored balsamic vinegar and trust me it so full of flavor and deliciousness, if you stumble upon the store stop by and check out delicious offerings of Olive oils.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Season of Joy & Festivity - Happy Dussera

You can feel the festivity in air
the Dandia' the Garba's
the fun the frolick
the food the friends
the ladies the finery
the ooo's the aaah's
the kids the laughter
the blessings the gratitude

Happy Dussera !!

Here is wishing all my readers a very warm and happy Navratri .. may there always be peace in your heart and home.

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