Sunday, April 29, 2012

Oh It's Summer Already !!

Oh It's Summer Already !!

This has definitely has been my longest absence on my blog, I have been giving the "step child" treatment to my blog past few months. Things have been so busy both at home and work that it seems impossible to squeeze is some moments for my beloved. And to add to the mix had a fabulous ten day vacation to Spain and Portugal which pretty much took all the pre and post vacation time. All the stories about this trip are in drafts and will post them in the next few weeks.

Hope I was missed :), my reader is ripping at its brim with all the unread posts from my fabulous blog dost's, hopefully next few weeks will give me a chance to catch up.

Few more weeks and kids will be off for summer, this year sure seems to have passed by quick. Can't believe that my elder one will be starting middle school, he was a baby few years ago and suddenly he is a big boy attending middle school, life sure comes fast. Looking forward to some downtime with the arrival of summer.

Talking of summer weather here in the bay area has been bizarre, its summer one day and its rain the next. We definitely missed spring , summer paid a visit earlier than expected. All the cherry blossoms have fallen off and garden sure is blooming with color.

Went to farmer's market what seems like after ages, fresh produce was abundant though no sign of stone fruit yet. Picked up some vine ripe tomatoe and they tasted as thought they were injected with sugar, sweet and succulent.  Decided to make pepper tomato Rasam for lunch which was relished by everyone at home.

You can find my previously blogged recipe for Pepper Tomato Rasam here.

Have a good week ahead everyone !!

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