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Summer Reading List

Well could not have agreed more with the poster above, as the summer days roll in and traditional activities take a back seat and I get used to life moving at a lazier pace could not resist posting reviews on some of the books I have read since the start of the year. Signed up for a book reading challenge along with other enthusiastic bloggers at the start of the year and the challenge was to read 52 books from authors around the world, personally 52 was beyond stretch goal so signed up for 26, which I am still far behind . Personally for me challenge was a motivation to pick authors beyond my realm of comfort and to indulge in cultures and stories around the world and the fact I share with friends made it even more interesting and fun.

So here goes my list,  off late I have been gravitated to stories that reflect a personal triumph and stories with female protagonist. Included both fictional and non-fictional reads in today's list.

This book was my pick for Afghanistan "The Dressmaker of Khair Khana," written by a former reporter for ABC News, tells the story of a fearless young entrepreneur who brought hope to the lives of dozens of women in war-torn Afghanistan." source . Personally for me it's hard to imagine living in a war torn country and also in a country at cross roads of its identity. How do you deal with changing time and yet keep your culture preserved.  It's  hard to imagine the atrocities against women who are beaten ,raped and left to dogs in the name of culture and religion, yet with every obstacle women face we see protagonist like Kamila make a life not just for her but to build a community around and help other women a like .Very well written and easy to read prose. 
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I must admit I was very reluctant to read this book at first, last time I read Khaled's "The Kite Runner" I was devastated , took me weeks to come out of the sadness and tragedy, such is the impact books have on me. But since this was well recommended and I did get the spoiler alert I took it up.
One such book that you read through the night and can't keep it down until done. LOVED IT to the core, what a well written book and what an experience read it.
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I love books that have a mystic,bohemian and hippie kind of feel and stories that take place in isolated hill stations where life moves in a slower pace and Miss Timmins School for girls fits the bill perfect.  It's been a while since I read mysteries and what a joy this book was. All about coming to age of a shy and sheltered Charu and how she finds her self tangled into murder mystery. Light read that will keep you at the egde of your seat.
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This was my pick for Denmark though I must admit reason I choose this book is because of the author Amulya Malladi, I feel connected with the author at so many levels and she has never disappointed with all the books she authored. The reason I loved this book is it exemplifies the complexities of building relationships, some relationships are forced say your family and to an extent folks you work with and we all know how complex these can get and the time it takes to build one  now imagine trying to build with folks who are immigrants from a war torn country who looks, talk and dress differently. Without giving away to much it's the language of the heart that wins and not that of the language and Amulya expresses this in her own style.
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A tale of a daughter to find her roots and to come to count the blessings she has been bestowed. If there is one thing I like about the book it's the ending Shilpi could have made this book into a Bollywood movie if not for the way she treats the ending. Also gives a glimpse into the country and society that still favors boys and think of girls as a burden.

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Here are the non-fictional books read in the last 6 months, I guess with age comes wisdom and off late I  have been gravitating a lot more to biographies , self-help and of books that motivate me to do better no matter what I choose to do.

I have always wondered if I had to chance to define what I want to be and what I want to choose all over again would I have the wisdom to know what I like vs. what I want , I guess to an extent yes. This book is an illustration what one can do when they follow their passion and are not afraid of taking risks . I am a fan of David's blog and what an experience to read his adventures in Paris as he starts his life all over again and not to mention my cravings for the delicious foods he shares his recipes and wish for someone to make those for me. Brought back memories of our vacation to Paris.
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The Blueberry Years follows the same theme as above passion above anything else a memoir of a Blueberry farmer couple and how their dream is fulfilled. 

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I was fortunate enough to attend Professor Neale class in Stanford last summer, this book was a handout from her class which I never got to finish until last month. If there is one key factor for success Negotiating sure makes it to the top. Negotiating is such a critical personal trait, to navigate with folks be it with your spouse, children, boss ,peers or your reports. Understanding the tactics and to negotiate rationally requires certain tools and this books gives an understanding and tools to assess and navigate the negotiation rationally. Now when I see my self in a situations I definitely feel confident applying techniques to evaluate the situation and tools to negotiate much better.

So that was my list so far, if you have any good recommendations please do leave a comment or if you would like to follow me in this challenge you can find me here.

Happy summer everyone. 


Anu said...

Nice collection of books.

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As I read the first few lines, I felt like we are soul-sisters. Our likes and choice of books are so alike :-). I have a read a few and bookmarked others. Lately I have fallen behind on my book reading habit too. Thanks for the nudge and this lovely compilation. I will pick up a book today for sure.


notyet100 said...

Bookmarkin this page happy reading,

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