Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Giving Thanks !!

Thanksgiving is already here, this year has gone by much quicker than I wish it would. As we enter into the most anticipated long weekend I can’t but write a gratitude post of the people and things that touched my heart and for a year that has been blessed. This year in many ways has been very exceptional both at personal and professional level. There were things that I did for the first time and then then there were things I learnt to let go. Personally I am most thankful to MYSELF, I know that sounds very self-centered and boisterous, but this year I have been more of myself, learnt to speak my mind without fear of consequences, said NO more often, learnt to rationalize better, allowed myself to standout and not follow the crowd. I always felt awkward and in many ways ashamed to acknowledge my success but this year I learnt growing up also means to soak in the successes and learn from mistakes and be grateful for experiences. As easy as it sounds to be-self it’s one of the hardest things and is a constant process and it took a lot of courage to be where I am and most importantly help from multitude of people who trusted, coached ,advocated and supported. As I type I am amazed at the blessing I have been bestowed first up I am grateful for my family who always have the utmost trust in me doing the right thing and then putting up with all my craziness and followed by friends who for some reason believe more in me than I do myself, always rooting and being a part of my life and lending a hand even before asking GRATEFUL and THANKFUL, my colleagues with whom I spend my most waking hours, for making coming to work so much more enjoyable and for all those heated arguments which always end with stellar outcome and for all the lunches and fun things that make life seriously fun and finally my mentors who take time of their busy schedules to provide guidance and always being the check point and for having utmost confidence in me, I am glad this year I did not disappoint anyone and for that I am thankful to the HIGHER POWER .
Grateful for my blog readers who spend their valuable time reading and commenting and to others who touched my life.
Just like life, giving thanks is not a function of a single day, its a continuoes process next year will be a challenging one for me and I am looking forward to all those angels that will shine on me.

I will be breaking bread with my friends this thanksgiving , I am sure all my readers & freinds will enjoy with their loved ones. Let there be lots of laughter, peace and happiness ALWAYS !!





sra said...

Good for you, Sreelu! Wish more of that assertiveness and being successful at it would rub off on me!

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

lovable post Sree...
Today's Recipe - Gulab Jamun SNC No - 2

Siri said...

"Just like life, giving thanks is not a function of a single day". How wonderful are those words Srii. Lovely post. I wish and hope that the coming year as well gives you as much, if not more content and happiness as this year.


Irina Burlack said...

I love your attitude for gratitude! :-)

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