Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Garam Garam Masala Vada Anyone ?

Garam Garam Masala Vada 
One of those day I woke up grumpy expecting the day to be the same but thanks to some kind souls, day turned out so much better and fun and I am ready to call it a day with a wide grin..
Had this post in draft for weeks glad to be posting it today ..

Life in bayarea as a first generation Indian American is a beautiful experience, I moved to US a decade and half ago, when I first came there were a handful of stores and even fewer restaurants.  Ingredients like fresh curry leaves, ground spices or fruits like Mango, Guava were so unheard or rare,  food in restaurants was so outdated and stale, homesickness was inevitable for a new bride like me. That said with the advent of dot com Bayarea experienced a major influx of Indian population and after a decade or so the evidence of Indian population is quite evident. Drive through El Camino and every complex is filled with Indian grocery stores, restaurants specializing in regional cuisine, Indian music stores etc.. etc. With influx of Indians domestic help and home-based restaurants have also mushroomed.
Few months ago had invited friends parents along with few others for dinner and asked a Indian lady cook to help with cooking, she is amazing and cooks at rocket speed and she made masala vada for appetizers. So here goes here receipe
1 cup channa dal
1 cup moong dal
1/3 rd cup rice flour
5-6 green chillies
4-5 stems Pudina
2-3 garlic pods (optional)
20-30 curry leaves
2 red onions cubed
1 tbsp of dania (corriander seeds)
2-3 tbsp of red chili powder
salt according to taste
2 cups of oil for deep frying
1. Soak channa dal and moong dal seperately in water for about 45 min to 1 hr
2.In a food processor grind 3/4 of channa dal and moong dal with very minimal water, it should have thick consistency where it can hold the shape, keep aside 1/4 of channa dal
3. Add rice flour,pudina ,garlic ,salt,chilies and chili powder and grind to a fine paste
4. Now add dhania seeds ,remaining channa dal and finely chopped curry leaves and mix well.

5.Now make them into ball the size of tt balls and keep aside
6.Heat oil in pan
7. Flatten the ball in your hand and gently drop into the hot oil, taking all care not to splatter

8. Deep fry on both sides for about 2-3 minutes until they turn golden brown
Serve hot with pudina chutney, ketchup or peanut chutney and cup of garam garam chai.
Looking forward to Christmas break ..


Sailaja said...

yummy vada

Aruna Manikandan said...

looks perfect and delicious :)

virunthu unna vaanga said...

No words Sreelu... u made me so drooling...

Siri said...

The very mention of El Camino and indian stores makes me so nostalgic. After probably every few feet of Mountain View and Sunnyvale there is either an indian restaurant or a grocery store now! :-)

The vadai look so yum! a cup of chai and these will make anyone's day!

Hope all is fine and you are ready for 2013!


Pavani said...

Vadas look absolutely delicious and very tempting. Enjoy the holiday season Sreelu.

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