Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hakka Noodles With Oodles Of Vegetables And Yes Its Spicy

Hakka Noodles With Oodles Of Vegetables And Yes Its Spicy

Christmas holidays have officially began for kids and we are ready for some downtime. Last Friday's  incident shook me to the roots, it hit home close and hard. Just makes you realize every living moment is precious and to hold on to folks dear tad closer. Had experienced an incident at Starbucks today that restored my faith and in many ways lifted my spirits, had stopped by my local Starbucks store to pick up gift cards for my kids teachers along with Cappuccino for myself. Had my hands full with cards, receipts, cell phone, coffee and my purse. While trying to put things in order I took my wallet out and left it on the table and walked away without realizing. Drove all the way to kids school only to have receive a call from my bank that they found my wallet and that my card was on hold until I pick it up and call them and confirm that all was OK. So the story goes a gentleman found my wallet, returned it to the store manager, she in turn looked up credit card called the 1-800 of my bank gave my information and that's how my bank contacted me. I was blown away what truly could have been a royal nightmare and a disaster turned out to be grateful experience. Just makes you realize that all is well and instills faith in goodness of humans.

This weekend was as usual running around with kids and caught up on a movie. Sunday's lunch was Hakka noodles after hoarding fresh vegetables from farmers market. Realized that when kids are involved in making of the food it's chowed down without any complaints. So cut all vegetables and kids customized their noodles and ate without complaints.
Makes for about  6-8 cups
2 carrots peeled and diced finely
2 cups of beans washed and diced fine
2 cups red onion sliced finely
2 cups cabbage shredded finely
2 cups of green onion chopped
c cups of green bell pepper chopped finely
2 tbsp garlic diced finely
2 tbsp ginger sliced finely
2 packs of Hakka noodles optionally you can substitute egg noodles
2 tbsp of olive oil
2-3 tbsp crushed red pepper flakes
salt according to taste
1/2 cup Soyaki sauce from Trader's Joe
Optionally you can make sauce by combining 1/3 cup soy sauce, 2 tbsp of rice vinegar, tbsp of brown sugar, 1/4 tbsp sesame seeds toasted, salt, 1/4 tbsp mustard sauce (optional)

1. Boil noodles as per instructions, place noodles in a bowl and toss oil till noodles are well coated and leave aside.
2. Heat wok when hot add tbsp of oil, add garlic, ginger and crushed red peppers and saute till garlic turns brown.
3. Now add onions and saute till onions turn translucent
4. Add remaining vegetables and saute for  2-3 minutes intent is to not over cook the vegetables but to have a crunch.
5. Now add sauce and add toss in cooked noodles
6. Adjust for salt and and toss noodles with green onions and remove from heat.
7. Optionally you can break and egg and toss the noodles till its well cooked.

As we come to the end of the year thankful for the year gone by and looking forward to new year, hope the coming year brings peace and happiness.
This probably will be my last post of the year, so thanks to folks who encourage/read/comment and compliment. Wishing all of you a FABULOUS Year ahead , much love - Sreelu


kankana said...

I am so horrible at making hakka noodle. It always gets so mushy and never photogenic enough. Yours is looking perfect!

Vijayalakshmi Dharmaraj said...

very yummy...
Kollu Poondu/Horse gram Garlic Rice

Anonymous said...

Where can u buy hakka noodles? Chinese store. What is the name of the brand?

Sreelu said...

I have used http://www.chingssecret.com/ Hakka noodles, you can find them in Indian grocery stores

Sreelu said...


Key to remove from heat and add cold water immediately drain and then spray with pam or coat well with olive oil. This would keep the noodles seperated.

Madhavi said...

I am glad everything went ok with you.

Happy Newyear to u and your family!

Helen Prabha said...

Hi Sreelu,

Wonderful noodles.

I did follow u....:-)

Hotel POS said...

I love noodles and this is delicious! In fact I want to make and taste different recipes out of it. This Hakka noodles looks special to me. Will try out making this one on weekends!

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