Thursday, January 24, 2013

Some Fun, Corky,Creative and Absolutely Funny Discoveries

Weekend is almost here, wanted to share with all of you some funny,corky, and absolutely creative artists/website that I follow. Hope you guys like them as well, click on the link to be directed to FB page. 

Truly Indianized products via Chumbak

One of the very creative artist Anand Prakash check out his out bookmarks here

Doors to expressions
Opening doors to intriguing views, images, nostalgia and lifestyles

                            The definitive guide to South Asian lingo Via Samosapedia

Seriously Corky Aunty acid on FB

Old Vintage Indian Photographs FB link here

Have a good weekend everyone !!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Broccoli,Eggs & Pepper Stir Fried Rice & A Resolve To Eat Healthy

Broccoli,Eggs & Pepper Stir Fried Rice
Hello my dear blog readers hope the new year is treating you all well. So glad to be posting my first post of the year. Last few weeks have been truly crazy and this week being long weekend had a chance to catch up on my blog. 

With new year comes time for resolutions and this year my resolution is to eat healthy and stay active and be regular at gym. Eating healthy I find is quite a challenge given easy access to unhealthy food especially around children, so my resolve is too look for healthy meal/snack options and make my kids conscious  of what goes into their stomach, means to shop organic and at farmers market in small quantities rather than stocking up, means giving up membership in Costco, means incorporating more greens and new vegetables into our pallets  and also making every effort to reduce the amount of food we waste. This my friends is no easy challenge but I am up to it and so far kids seem be in unison.

So today's recipe follows the new years resolve of healthy eating :), Broccoli is favorite at home, I usually microwave it and toss with salt and pepper and this is gobbled up with no issues, today changed it a bit and shredded Broccoli to make this tasty stir fried rice.

Feeds about 2 people
1 cup of Broccoli florets shredded
1 cup finely chopped spinach 
1 cup cooked rice ( white/brown/Par boiled) 
1 fresh egg
1/2 tbsp of finely grated ginger
1/2 tbsp finely grated garlic
1 tbsp cumin/coriander powder optionally you can use your choice of flavoring like Garam masala, Taco seasoning or cancun seasoning
1 tbsp of finely ground pepper, substitue wth red pepper flakes for extra spiciness
salt according to taste
1 tsp of Olive oil

1. Heat a pan and add tbsp of olive oil now add ginger, garlic, cumin/corriander powder, pepper powder and saute for 30 secs till garlic turns golden brown.
2. Now add shredded Broccoli and saute for about a minute, Broccoli cooks quite fast and turns brown in less than a minute.
3. Now break an egg and mix into the Broccoli till its well cooked and turns into a green scramble.
4. Add cup of rice to the pan and mix well, add salt and adjust for pepper.

Remove from heat and serve hot, protein packed and delicious and took me 15 minutes from start to finish so definitely a keeper of recipe. You can add soy beans, tofu and cooked Kale to spruce of protein factor.

Today we experienced our first spring like weather and this allowed me to pick fresh oranges from the yard, so spicy fried rice along with sweet freshly squeezed Oranges juice made for our lunch today.

So here is to a year of healthy eating ...

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