Friday, May 10, 2013

This Mother Day - A Tribute

Wishing all my readers a very happy mothers day weekend. I know a mothers job never ends, as stressful and tiring the role is the rewards outweigh, there is noting more rewarding and satisfying then being a mother. The journey is challenging, at times scary but it's all worth it. This mothers day I would like to wish my mom, my role model and my hero a very happy mothers day and wish her nothing but the best, may god shower you with good health and peace of mind and heart. Amma no matter how old I get I always look up to you for your guidance and looking forward to seeing you soon.

This mothers day I would like to pay tribute to my another hero, my biggest proponent, well wisher and role model, my Grandma or as I call her ammuma. My grandma got her angel wings early April, I miss her quite a bit. Being the eldest granddaughter comes with perks and one such perk is undivided attention, love and affection of grandparents. My mom says that I practically grew up at my grandparents my first year and never had my feet on ground. I am a staunch believer in "Karma" and wonder I must have done something right in my previous life to have been blessed with so much love and affection from grandparents on both sides.  Growing up with grandparents is amazing, though it seemed at times annoying being told what to do and how to live, it's only later I realized how much of what I do and behave today is because of the values that they have inculcated in me. Respecting others, being honest, believe in hard work rather than luck, saying prayers and most importantly learning to be content. As I said my elders have always been a major influence in my life. Even today when I go to bed crying or with worry I see my grandparents in my dream, may be brain looks for a place of comfort and for me its always been my grandparents.

My beautiful and amazingly loving ammuma

My grandmom as I remember was the sweetest soul, universally loved by sons,daughters, daughter-in-laws,son-in-laws,extended family and dotted by grand children. She had that charisma to make you feel absolutely special, I am sure all my cousins would nod in agreement. All our summers and every other vacation was spent at my grandmom's home. She would spoil us with all sorts of goodies and best part she would give us money to go watch movies which at the time was the most coolest and greatest thing to have happened to us.

Last month when my cousin called and mentioned about my grandmom passing away, I was in shock and it was hard to control tears rolling down. My grandmom had a fulfilled life and seen all her kids and grand kids settle and she was at peace. I missed her and wanted to feel her presence, I went home and opened my box of treasure - a box filled with letters from her and various others. She was so regular about writing to me, she wrote till as long at 2006 and then when her eyesight deteriorated it was mostly a phone call. Looking back every letter had pearls of wisdom, always telling me eat right, be patient with kids and most importantly urging me to come back to India and stay close to my mom. Must mention her letters were long, sometimes as long as ten pages, it felt as though she was talking to me in person. Some void cannot be filled, though I know she is at peace it's hard to imagine not being able to see her and feel her soft skin again.

Life moves on and I guess she will stay in my memories and watch me even closer and guide me as I traverse my life. Miss you ammuma, tears roll when I say this.

Happy Mothers day, make everyday count and enjoy your blessings.


Sailaja said...

Happy Mother's day to you as well! I can imagine how you feel. Nothing can be replaced with Grand parents. Especially Grandma.

sra said...

What a nice picture of your Ammammagaru! So sorry to hear that she is no more.

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