Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Of The Mature And Not So Mature - Banana's - Banana Chocolate Bread -Eggless

Banana Chocolate Bread

Now that football season is over America can take a breather, the emotions, the pent up energy and not to mention all the junk food too. I am a mother of two boys and married to a sports fanatic. Me being me I hate sports, always did. Grew up watching my brothers go crazy over cricket, nothing mattered when there was cricket on TV, the superstitions,  the emotions and the crazy bets. I was always happy reading a book or a magazine in front of the TV while the entire house was glued watching every second of the game with their heart in their hands. Of course I was not all that naive about Cricket, I knew all the good looking cricketers or cricketers dating models etc.. you get the point.

Off late with kids growing up I often feel left out of their conversations, unlike before its hard to pick up a book while there is a game on TV and pretend or ignore the conversations. In the car, at the dining table, with friends, the gift they crave everything is about sports. Last few weeks back wanted to surprise both my sons with jerseys of their favorite team, found it so hard to figure out the names of the player whom they like.
Just like me I am sure my boys feel the same way, they hate shopping and are never into movies or any of the activities I find interesting . Sometimes I fear this gap getting wider as they age. But just like every other trooper mom I can't give up on finding things to do in common or spend time together. Eventually we found few activities where three of us and some time their dad chimes in too, enjoy. All four of us love going out for hike Sunday morning and breakfast at the local bakery. We paint sometimes together. I have gotten my sons to learn photography and they do an Ok job, the picture above of the Banana's was taken by my younger son. But most importantly realized that kids love to bake. We bake cupcakes, brownies and pizza's. The time spent in the kitchen while baking is precious. Get to hear stories about school, how they fell about things, my assessment report, questions like  how do grades in English matter in life?, etc.. etc.. All in all reminds and restores the faith that the strings that binds us are stronger and goes beyond my liking of sports.

Few weeks back a friend of ours introduced us to Banana bread, it has since become an instant favorite and we have been baking Banana bread on a weekly basis. So here goes the recipe.. recipe adapted from here.


1/2 cup shortening or canola oil, or butter etc. (substitute 1/3c applesauce)
1 cup white sugar
1 1/2 cups all-purpose flour 
1 teaspoon baking soda
1 teaspoon salt
3 very ripe mashed bananas 
1-2 teaspoons pure vanilla
1/2  cup chocolate chips

1.Preheat oven to 325 degrees F (165 degrees C). 
2. Lightly grease an 8x4 inch loaf pan. (This can be made in any size pan or muffin tins just adjust the baking time)
3. In a large bowl, cream the shortening and sugar and add vanilla. 
4. Sift in the flour, baking soda and salt. Blend in the mashed bananas. Stir in the chocolate chips. Pour batter into prepared pan.
5. Bake in preheated oven for 45~ 60 minutes depending on the size of the container and oven or until it tests done with a toothpick.
Banana bread makes for an excellent snack for school or after school treat, goes very well with a hot cup of Chai.
Here's to all the moms and to their crazy antiques !!! 


Siri said...

That is such a sweet post filled with love and warmth plus the bread looks super delish too!


leena said...

vanilla is vanilla essence ?

Nikita said...

The things we do for our kids! :)
It is nice they love to bake and spend time together. My daughter is only 3 but she loves to help me bake too. :)

Sreelu said...

Leena, Yes its Vanilla essence

nandoos Kitchen said...

lovely, tasty bread.. Love it. First time here. Nice space. Glad to follow you. Do visit mine if you find time.

Janani said...

very nice recipe love it. First time to ur space and nice to know a new fellow blogger.

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