Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Good Bye Summer- Ode To The Fruit Of Summer - Tomatoes- Easy and Delicious Sandwiches

Good Bye Summer- Ode To The King Of Summer - Tomatoes- Easy and Delicious Sandwiches
Heirloom Tomatoes from the neighborhood farmers market

The crisp air and cool winds in the evening, the change of colors on the trees, short days and longer nights sure are an indication on an end of summer and natures way of slowing down and prepping for winter. If I have to pick a favorite season I probably would choose fall, everything seems so balanced, so colorful and not to mention the weather.

This year has been quite hectic, if I have  to give a theme for the year gone by I would call it "CHANGE". Experienced changed in multiple facets, I am not complaining, I love change especially the good ones but the emotions that I go through, the highs, the lows and all that in-between is what makes life interesting and a reason to wake up in the morning. I see no slowing down as the year winds down but I sure want to savor the last of summer and the bounty it has to offer and soak in the beautiful autumn sunsets and gorgeous change of landscape.

We are blessed here in the sun soaked Silicon Valley, a walk to the farmers markets inspires so much creativity and a change to create something different. This week the regular store where I buy produce from indicated that heirloom tomatoes he had for sale were the last of the season, sad need to wait couple of quarters before I get my hands on them again. I love heirloom variety, once you get used to them there is no going back. The character, flavors and the colors are so unique and addictive.

Picked up California Whole wheat Black bread from  Beckmanns Bakery at the farmers market.

California style open sandwich

Ingredients ~ makes for 1

1 slice of Black bread toasted ( use textured bread instead of regular bread made from enriched flour)
1 tbsp of goat cheese, I use TJ's herd and cheese
1/4 cup of sprouts ( I use green gram, any sprouts would work)
1/4 cup cucumber finely diced
1/4 cup tomatoes diced into cubes

1. Spread the goat cheese on the toast
2. Layer the sandwich first with sprouts, then cucumber and later tomatoes
3. Sprinkle with sea salt and freshly grated pepper and garnish with mint leaves.

Spicy Sandwich with Picante Peppers and Sriracha sauce

Ingredients ~ Serves 1

1 California black bread toasted
3 Picante pepper - roasted
2 tbsp choice of shredded cheese
1 tbsp organic mayonnaise
fresh tomatoes sliced about three of them
cucumber sliced thinly about 3~4
salt, pepper and about a tbsp of sriracha sauce

1. Roast picante pepper ( these pepper are absolutely delicious, sweet and not spicy at all, yet have a strong Jalepeno flavor and aroma). I place them directly on the stove top and let it roast for about 2 minutes on each side. You can shallow fry or broil in the oven
2. Spread Mayo on the sandwich
3. Layer tomatoes and cucumber
4. sprinkle grated cheese of your choice
5. Add sea salt, pepper and a generous dose of Sriracha sauce

Bite into this delicious sandwich and you can't stop at one, guaranteed.

Sourdough Bruschetta with caramelized Onions, Tomatoes and Balsamic Vinegar
Sourdough Bread From Beckmanns Bakery

Ingredients makes for 1

1 slice of Sourdough toasted
1/2 Onion sliced thinly
1/2 cup tomatoes diced
2 tbsp of Goat cheese
tbsp of balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper according to taste
1. Butter the toasted sourdough
2. Heat a pan, allow to get medium hot
3. Add tbsp of oil, salt and 1/4 tspn of sugar
4. Add sliced onions and allow then to saute without mixing/tossing  them for 2 ~ 3minutes, this allows for a beautiful caramelization. Now after 3 minutes turn around and toss till onions are coated on all sides.
5. Spread the sourdough bread with goat cheese
6. Layer with tomatoes
7. Now add caramelized onions
8. Sprinkle sea salt and pepper
9. Drizzle balsamic vinegar over the open sandwich and relish

All the three sandwiched make for an appetizer, keep toasted bread, the topping and allow your guests to create their own sandwiches.

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