Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Sankranti/ Pongal delicacies and Not Your Everyday Yogurt Rice

Not Your Everyday Yogurt Rice

If there is one time of the year I yearn to be in India it has to be hands down for Pongal, have fondest of memories growing up during Pongal/Sankranti. Relatives, new clothes, movies, endless sessions of cards and lastly food , boy did they cook in humongous quantities. Miss my grandparents and their home quite a bit, my family, my brothers and my cousins too, home truly had a festive spirit with all the laughter and fun.

Today’s recipe comes from my cousin who fortunately lives in the same country as I, we were like sisters growing up, cannot tell you how many all-nighters we pulled , there wasn’t a thing we could hide from each other, our moms dressed us the same, we took same classes, attended same schools we pretty much were a carbon copy of each though she was a year younger to me. I always share that special connection with her. This is her recipe and trust me once you try this there is no going back.

1 cup rice, cook rice with little more water than usual
1-2 cups of yogurt/curd
1/2 cup milk
grind the following ingredients into a fine paste
2 spoons of thil/sesame seeds/nuvvulu
2 spoons of fresh grated coconut
1/2 spoon of dhaniya jeera powder
2 spoons of aijwain
pinch of hing
green chillies
cashew (20 count)
ginger or ginger paste
For thadka
1 tbsp oil,
few curry leaves
pinch of hing
a tsp of urad dal and mustard seeds
1. Add grounded paste to yogurt and grind it once again.
2. Add the above mixture to cooked rice and mix well.
3. Now add milk and add tadhka , adjust for salt. 
Garnish it with coriander, black grapes or pomegranate seeds.
Makes for one yummy yet different from your run on the mill yogurt rice.

Now what festival is complete without food huh ?
Few of my previously blogged festive dishes
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Wishing all of you a bellyfull Pongal/Sankranti.


Anonymous said...

Gosh... Amazed by your creativity

Daisy Roshan said...

the photograph looks very festive....nice array of festive dishes...yummy!

sra said...

A really different recipe indeed! How many green chillies, Sreelu?

I'm wondering if I should leave out the cashew from the paste - would make it too rich, but I guess that's the point!

Nupur said...

The yogurt rice is wonderful- I'm bookmarking this recipe for the hot days of summer.

kitchen queen said...

lovely and rich dish.

GB said...

Happy Sankranti/pongal! The curd-rice looks wonderful!

Siri said...

Super yogurt rice Sri. my husband is an eternal idli and yogurt lover. will make this for him :-).

Wishing you a very Happy Pongal.


Mahes said...

Happy Pongal to you too!

vineela said...

Happy Sankranthi.
Nice presentation.

Mythreyee said...

a spice masala paste mixed to curd rice is just an amazing idea. A very flavorful curd rice. The way you have created the beautiful flower with curry leaves and pomegranate seeds is just fantastic. Happy sankaranthi to you!

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